Content-Neutral Spam Filter


  1. What is Bumper?

    Bumper is computer software for eliminating unsolicited e-mail advertisements ("spam"). Click here for the full skinny.

  2. How do I get it?

    Bumper is a mail server extension, which means that your system administrator must install it on your server. Once this is done, anyone in your organization can use it. Contact your local system administrator for details.

  3. How reliable is it?

    Bumper is currently "alpha" software, which means that it's not quite ready for "mission critical" applications. However, since the basic algorithms are very simple, we expect the code base to stabilize rapidly. If you are a developer, we encourage you to contribute to the testing and bug fixing.

  4. Is it really free?

    The Bumper software can be freely used, distributed, and modified by anyone, according to an "open source" license agreement. There are absolutely no fees or charges.

  5. Who's behind this?

    This project was sponsored by Bluel Technologies. To contact the development team, please use the online message forums.






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